Got an Event That Stands Out? We Want In!

Hello, Innovators!

At Live MCQ™, powered by CrackTech Limited, we’re not just about pushing boundaries; we’re about demolishing them. We believe in the power of education, technology, and, most importantly, innovation. Got an event that resonates with these ideals? You’ve got our attention. We’re on the lookout for events that inspire, educate, and propel individuals toward their career goals. If that sounds like yours, let’s talk sponsorship!

What Catches Our Eye:

  • The Big Picture: What’s the heart of your event? Share your vision, its impact, and why it’s unmissable. The more you can dazzle us with details, the better.
  • Shared Ideals: Our motto is “Innovation, not Imitation.” How does your event embody this spirit? Show us how it aligns with our passion for education and tech advancements.
  • Who’s Coming: We’re all about connections. Tell us about your audience – their age, their dreams, and everything in between. If they’re into learning, growing, and innovating, we’re into your event.
  • Sponsorship Specifics: What do you need to make your event a hit? Financial support, resources, or perhaps something uniquely you? Spell it out.
  • Visibility for Live MCQ™: How does supporting your event spotlight us? From branding to speaking slots, we’re keen to hear how we can engage with your audience.
  • Measuring Success: We love numbers. Share how you’ll gauge the event’s success and the milestones we can celebrate together.
  • Get In Touch: Don’t leave us hanging! Make sure your contact details are clear, so we can reach out if your proposal sparks our interest.

Ready to Partner with Innovation?

We’re more than ready to explore how Live MCQ™ can contribute to the success of your event. It’s time to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Submit your detailed proposals to us at and let’s create something impactful together.

We’re not just looking to sponsor; we’re looking to revolutionize the way people see and experience events. Submit your proposal today and let’s make magic happen.

Submit Now, Innovate Together.

Your next big event could be the start of something extraordinary with Live MCQ™.